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Our pets


It was a joy for us to rehome dear little Ozzy above in August oflast year. He is now almost 10 months of age and is the most delightful little dog you could wish for.

We have always been very fond of animals and have spent some wonderful years here with several dogs. Our beloved dog Toby a Paterdale terrior sadly passed in October of 2011 and has gone on ahead to 'doggie heaven'

Toby would have been 19 years young on December 26th 2011.

We rescued him back in 2000 and we couldn't have given him any more love if we had tried. R.I.P. little man!

We also have a Jack Russell terrior called Charlie who seems to have a mind of his own. Inside the house, he is like a little kitten, but outside it's a differnt story!

He hates passing cars and almost all other dogs unless he knows them!


Sadly, Charlie crossed 'The Rainbow Bridge' in June of last year. R.I.P little Man.

Our Jack Russell Terrior - Charlie (13 years of age)

My Pets photo gallery

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Remembering 'Our Toby' - (1992 - 2011)

Who sadly passed away in October of 2011 (video below)

"Remembering Toby" video below

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