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Motown Jim Saphin


Welcome, dear friends and guests.


I am so very grateful you've stopped by my website of which has received in excess of 48.000 hits!


Thank you so very much to those of you who have already left comments, I do appreciate it and I hope you enjoyed checking out my photo galleries and music videos and files. Do come back as I will be updating and adding things from time to time.




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  • Keith Rennison (Friday, January 29 16 05:43 pm GMT)

    Your flying days photos took me down memory lane.
    You hid a lot of talents during your early flying days.
    Congratulations on a great life.

  • Anthea Nichols (Sunday, October 25 15 09:20 pm GMT)

    Can't remember if I've written before Jim, but to let you know how impressed I am with your website, it's so, well, so professional sweety ! Just amazing......xxxxx

  • Robin (Sunday, October 25 15 08:38 pm GMT)

    Love you site Jim. You are so blessed to have so many wonderful memories. Hitsville USA all the way!

  • Lynda Leigh (Sunday, October 25 15 08:33 pm GMT)

    You are a wonderful man....

  • Tracey vidler (Sunday, October 25 15 08:08 pm GMT)

    What an amazing guy you are so so talented!!! Keep on doing what you do xxxx

  • Marcia (Sunday, October 25 15 07:06 pm GMT)

    OVER 30,000 HITS! WOW! You go, Jim4Force! YOU'RE THE REAL STAR! Thanks for sharing all your great photos and memories with everyone!
    Love you to the moon & back!
    Marcia Parks 💛 💖

  • Jamie Lucas (Sunday, October 18 15 11:14 pm BST)

    Hi Jim, What a fantastic website. I really enjoyed looking through your Motown memories, especially with The Supremes. Loved your acting videos and listening to your recordings too, such a beautiful
    voice. Thank you for sharing your life with us all.
    Much love Jamie and Bob.

  • James Odom (Sunday, September 06 15 12:32 am BST)

    Became aware of your name through research on Cindy Birdsong. She wrote letters and sent information to my students back in the 1980s. I took my student council officers to see her at the Jim and
    Tammy Bakker television show. I enjoyed your web site it brings back great memories.

  • Colin hough (Friday, August 07 15 07:49 pm BST)

    Dear Jim,

    I sincerely hope you don't mind but I have enjoyed browsing through the wonderful photographs of your flying career. What a marvellous personal archive and treasury of happy memories with the World's
    Favourite. I have similarly handed in my wings after twenty years service in the air, but cannot claim to have such a detailed photographic record with which to look back on my career. So, well done,
    and wishing you every success in future ventures.

  • Paul britton (Thursday, February 12 15 11:30 pm GMT)

    Great site, what a great supremes fan you are...I saw them in 1989 in Swansea on the motor city tour....never forget that night.

  • Malcolm Smith ( Molly ) (Tuesday, January 13 15 08:04 pm GMT)

    Dear Darling Jim just found your web site by complete accident.Fabulous. Has really brought back the memories.Maybe one day we will meet up. Lots of love Malcolm

  • rodolfo ramirez mauriello (Sunday, November 16 14 11:52 pm GMT)

    fantastic mr motown jim saphin, i love you , you have a wonderful life, a wonderful home and is very sad the erosion.

  • Danny (Saturday, November 15 14 10:04 pm GMT)

    Nice website Jim

  • PAMELA VINCENT (Thursday, November 06 14 04:31 pm GMT)


  • Belinda Daguio (Thursday, October 30 14 10:50 pm GMT)

    Love the website

  • Roger Woodward (Thursday, October 30 14 08:14 pm GMT)

    Hi Jim, well done great site. Just managing to retire at last!!

  • Jon Grist (Thursday, October 30 14 06:47 pm GMT)

    Happy days Jimbo

  • Wayne Ditchfield (Thursday, October 30 14 02:18 pm GMT)

    Love your website Jim.x Well done.

  • Paul Berry (Wednesday, October 29 14 06:18 pm GMT)

    Well done! Saw yours so I thought I should say Hi!
    We go back 45 years now! Where has that time gone?

  • KEITH DOY (Wednesday, October 29 14 03:36 pm GMT)

    JIM this is a excellent site .and wonderful.good to see all the celebrities on here it brings BACK all the memories back as a supreme fan thank you JIM .your friend

  • Peter Schofield (Wednesday, October 29 14 01:10 pm GMT)

    a wonderful site Jim,,continued blessings mate !! Scoey x

  • Ian Bradley (Wednesday, October 29 14 05:40 am GMT)

    Really enjoyed your web site Jim

  • Thomas Ellison (Tuesday, June 03 14 11:31 pm BST)

    Fantastic web page, I remember you from my days at BA I worked there from 85-89 and then back into a career in health care, now in america, miss the people i worked with at BA
    Take care wonderful memories

  • Duncan Holley (Thursday, March 27 14 06:49 pm GMT)

    some lovely photos Jim

  • Adrian Shipp (Monday, March 10 14 08:48 pm GMT)

    I was looking up some old archives in the internet about BOAC when I came across your site which I truly enjoyed. Please accept my apologies for stopping by and looking at your photos.The airline
    world was a very magic industry to work in and I must congratulate you on your very interesting portrait of your fascinating life.
    I've been living in Switzerland for 37 years and I have had the privilege to work for JAL
    and run my own travel business and theatre company. I am also a fan of the Supremes and Motown :))) My very best wishes to you Jim. Adrian

  • Bo Engvall (Tuesday, December 10 13 07:42 pm GMT)

    Thank you for a fantastic website.
    I only whish it would have been me hugging Sherrie and the other Supreme ladies.
    You're a lucky guy Jim.
    Best whishes
    Bo Engvall

  • Lloyd Cooke (Monday, November 18 13 09:28 am GMT)

    Hi Jim, you won't remember me from Jumbos in the 70s and Shorthaul in the 80s/90s etc. Just wanted to congratulate you on producing a great website, I loved all of the flying photos and other
    memories. Hope you're keeping well, say "hello" to Fiona.

  • Richard Masters (Sunday, September 15 13 04:44 pm BST)

    Hi Jim. Your photos brought back a few memories. I stumbled across your site whilst looking for photos of the old Tristar House, which came into use during my time with BA (1975 - 1982). I was on the
    747 (White) fleet and appeared on rosters as Graham Masters (aka Rick) I still have my rosters, so I'll have to do a search for your name. I left to become an accountant (yawn). Sadly, have yet to
    find any photos of Tristar House. Regards, Rick

  • Richard Masters (Sunday, September 15 13 04:36 pm BST)

    Hi Jim,
    This is all very interesting. I was drawn to your site whilst looking for any photos of the old Tristar House which came into use during my time with BA (1975 - 1982)
    I was on the 747 (white)fleet and appeared on rosters as Graham Masters (Rick) and made Steward 1 before leaving to become an accountant.
    Your photos brought back many memories. Thanks.
    Still can't find any shots of Tristar House, though!
    All the best

  • Howard Carver (Tuesday, May 28 13 12:37 am BST)

    Wow Jim! What an EXCELLENT site you have! I just happened to run across it searching for more information on the late Ronnie Pereira. I'm very impressed with your background and involvement with
    Motown in the UK. I have always also been a Motown junkie, ever since my youth when I got the bug in mid-1960s. My online name is MotownLover on the Motown forum at You are
    truly blessed in so many ways. Best wishes to you and your future enjoyment in your retirement years.

  • Sharon Davis (Sunday, May 12 13 10:56 am BST)

    Well hello Jim. This is all very wonderful. What a fabulous site. I know I'm going to have the best time joining in your fun. Lots love your friend in Motown Sharon x

  • Charles Collier (Thursday, March 14 13 04:20 pm GMT)

    Takes me back Jim,December 8th 1969,course 292!!
    I retired in 2007 after 38 years,don't miss it!
    Loved the first 25 years,then it all changed as we all know.
    Now almost 65,married 40 years this week,go to Spain a lot as we have an apartment on the costa del sol,for the last 30yrs.
    Enjoyed your web site.
    Can't make the reunion in June.
    How many of our course are left?

  • Kerry Stanley (Monday, February 25 13 03:54 pm GMT)

    Wow Jim, I can't believe it's you. You may not remember me but somewhere I have photos of you and I at the Duomo in Milan.
    I'm a CSD now, ha, still on shorthaul! Done 30 years in August; I was an 'ET'! Do you remember us new recruits? Only a few of us left. I've been in touch with Mark about the reunion in June but do I
    need a ticket? Would be great to see you there. Very best regards, Kerry Stanley

  • Linda French (Sunday, February 24 13 01:17 pm GMT)

    Some lovely memories of BOAC/BA, thank you

  • Laurie Weir (Friday, January 18 13 09:20 pm GMT)

    A fascinating website Jim. Well done indeed! A man of many talents! What a fantastic feeling to be able to sing with the celebrities! Good for you and it will stand you in good stead for your future
    career as a singer extraordinaire! I shall look forward to hearing your new album :) All the best, Laurie.

  • Pia Cross (nee Combe) (Thursday, January 17 13 08:06 pm GMT)

    Wonderful work Jim and such a huge achievement! I always loved flying with you - we shared many laughs and happy times together. I look forward to catching up with you later this year xxx

  • Charles Greaves (Tuesday, January 15 13 08:51 am GMT)

    Thanks for sharing so many more of your memories with us! I really enjoy your facebook gems of the past and look forward to watching many more!

  • Nigel Serieux (Wednesday, January 09 13 06:59 pm GMT)

    Hi Jim...Happy New Year...Its always good to hear from you...Your website is wonderful...great idea and look forward to seeing your updates. All is well here,no end in sight of me retiring,will
    probably end up working the aisles with the help of a zimmer frame..Nearly 39 years of flying now..did 11 years at BA and now 28 years at Delta ( via the mergers of Republic Airlines and Northwest
    )...Its been a couple of years since you were here in LA so hope you can make it over here this year.......Best Wishes ..Nigel Serieux

  • Joe Frame (Thursday, December 13 12 12:37 pm GMT)

    Hi Jim,

    I came across you website on the retired BA crew website run by Mark (Hardy,) and spent a very enjoyable hour having a look through it. Where has all the time gone eh? I have been retired since 2000
    and am now nearer 70 than 60, but I`m still fit and well and busy as ever running two development companies. You still look as fit as a fiddle and appear to have a happy and busy life. Anyhoo Jim, it
    was great seeing some old familiar faces on your website which definitely stirred some very happy memories for me, happy daze indeed. good luck and I wish you have a very merry Chrismas and a
    prosperous and health 2013.

    Very kind regards,

    Joe Frame, (CSD)Retired.

  • Freda Payne (Saturday, November 24 12 09:04 pm GMT)

    Jim, your friendship is undying. How I so much appreciate you. Thank you for being in my life for the few years you have.

  • Patricia Pearce MBE (Friday, November 23 12 08:24 am GMT)

    Hi Jim, I can remember flying with you. Great to have seen your website.
    I am still very busy running Dreamflight which has now been going for 26 years. Have just written a book called "My Dream Flights" First part my flying for 39 years and the second part is the history
    of Dreamflight

  • Joan Hall (Friday, November 09 12 04:40 pm GMT)

    Hi Jim
    Wonderful website, I've thoroughly enjoyed looking around it. What an interesting life you've led! I especially enjoyed videos and photos.

  • steve (Thursday, October 25 12 08:25 pm BST)

    I have just Found you on SoundCloud. Enjoyed looking at your pics with the Supremes and susaye green

  • Keith Hughes (Tuesday, October 09 12 05:03 pm BST)

    Hi, Jim,
    Yesterday an unusual event happened that led me to your web page. While enjoying a bicycle ride along the beach here in sunny SoCal, “Ron Pereira” came into my thoughts so strong, it was as if I had
    passed him on the bike path. Fond memories from long ago came flooding back of Ron and Bruce. Ron’s voice started echoing the long forgotten nickname he’d coined for me 25 years ago, ringing
    repeatedly until I rushed home to Google Ron and Bruce.
    I was stunned and saddened when a trail of web links led me to Ron’s memorial tribute video you had posted here.
    Yesterday’s date was significant to Ron and Bruce, as well as those who attended Ron’s Memorial Service.
    I am certain you wouldn't remember meeting me, as I was painfully shy and awkward in my young days, but Bruce, Ron, you, and Peter… without question are among the most admirable and kindest people I
    ever met along my life journey. I wish so much that my life path would have afforded me the chance to have been closer to you all and experienced your friendships from the inside and for a lifetime.
    Ron and Bruce literally changed my life forever and I have always been and always will be so grateful for the privilege of having met you all, albeit ever too briefly.
    May all life’s best be with you all. You are one of the reasons I believe in angels.

  • alan burrall and thomas yore (Monday, October 01 12 07:20 pm BST)

    Jim, What a fantastic job! Enjoyed every minute of it. All our best, Alan and Tommy

  • Carey Parrish (Friday, August 31 12 09:13 pm BST)

    What a wonderful work of love this website is. My friend Jim Saphin puts his heart and soul into everything he does and this site is just a sampling of the talent he possesses. I thoroughly enjoyed
    browsing it and will keep it bookmarked to enjoy for a long time to come. Cheers!

  • JAMES AYNSLEY (Tuesday, August 28 12 07:15 pm BST)

    Hi Jim
    What an interesting site
    Lots Going On
    Just Bought Let yourself Go
    sessions so im listenig to that, keep safe and well

  • PP Arnold (Monday, August 20 12 12:54 pm BST)

    Hi Jim!
    What a lovely website! It's absolutely beautiful of you to share your love of life in such a warm, loving way! We're all so lucky to know you. Your life really is an open book, thank you so much for
    including me in it.

    Lots of Love and continued rich blessings to you and yours,

    PP Arnold xxx

  • sylvia gladman (Wednesday, August 08 12 07:14 pm BST)

    Just spent some time enjoying looking through your website Jim. Very enjoyable, thanks for the insight into your life. Your home is beautiful, so peaceful and relaxing with those wonderful
    Much love, Sylvia x

  • David Mensah (Friday, July 27 12 03:36 pm BST)

    Jim what can I say. You are a true music man and I appreciate all of your support. I hope you know you have my full support. D Mensah

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